Franschhoek Accommodation

Franschhoek Accommodation


Whilst it may be possible to leave the booking of your accommodation in Cape Town and other locations until you have arrived in South Africa, Franschhoek accommodation is much more difficult to book at the last moment. This is because Franschhoek has become a highly sought-after destination, making advance booking almost essential. The same can be said of restaurant bookings; many restaurants in Franschhoek have become widely-known and definitely require booking in advance, in order to avoid disappointment. Being a relatively small valley and with so many top-class restaurants and wineries in the area, this is not surprising. In addition to a large influx of foreign visitors, Franschhoek is also a top destination for South African tourists.

The season is also becoming longer; most guest houses in Franschhoek will be quite full from mid-September until the end of April. Peak months are November, December, January and February, but many visitors are now discovering the attraction of visiting Franschhoek in the off-season months, from May to September. During this period it is not as critical to book in advance, rates for accommodation are lower and all the restuarants and wineries are still open for business. The weather during this period is variable; often daytime temperatures range from 15°C - 25°C, with overnight temperatures dropping as low as 8°C. Of course you should bear in mind that the Western Cape gets all its rainfall in winter.

Not so long ago, it was the trend for most visitors to stay for several nights in Cape Town, whilst visiting the main attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape Point and Boulders Beach (where the penguins live). From there they would visit the Winelands for a night before moving further down the coast. However, many visitors are now realising that it makes sense to use Franschhoek as a base, from which to take in the sights of Cape Town and the surrounding areas. As a result, the average length of stay has increased and the number of repeat visitors is rising rapidly. With all the safety and convenience associated with staying in Franschhoek—coupled with the great restaurants, wine and scenery—why not take a day-trip to Table Mountain; it's only an hour's drive away? Upon your return later in the day, you can once again safely walk to some of the best restaurants in the region.

So, on your next visit to South Africa, come and see what all the 'fuss' is about. We will gladly assist you with your car hire and also with bookings for Franschhoek's restaurants. Of course, for great Franschhoek accommodation, look no further than Les Chambres Guest House.

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